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Strategies To improve Mental Wellness This Holiday Season!

By Ashlyn Hart

The holidays are a lively, and busy time, but often, in the heat of the hustle, mental wellness can get neglected. Especially after the past few years we’ve experienced living through a pandemic, we have seen the impact that a lack of mental wellness can have on individuals, families, and children.

Therefore, to keep your mindset in a space where it can enjoy all that this season has to offer, here are a few suggestions to sharpen your mental wellness.

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1. FEEL THE FEELING. When you find yourself getting overwhelmed or stressed by all the items adding up on your to do list, give yourself a second to feel that emotion. More importantly, recognize where in your body that feeling is physically originating from and tell yourself that the discomfort is okay and that it will eventually subside. Doing this will help keep those feelings that come with stress from overpowering you and instead they will fade into speedbumps of the past.

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2. IT IS A PHASE. Like all things in life, recognize that this holiday season is a phase and that things will calm down again eventually. Viewing these high intensity moments as phases, instead of lifestyles, helps us see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel and helps propel us through all the parties, errands, and appointments.

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3. BREATH. The power of ten deep breaths is too often overlooked. When you feel your mental wellness decreasing, take a moment for yourself to just breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Doing this will regulate yourself and will help you proceed through your day with a better temperament and spirit.

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4. GRATITUDE JOURNAL. The act of reflecting on all the blessings each day is always beneficial and helps you look at life more optimistically. Just a few minutes a day has the potential to transform your outlook.

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5. OPT OUTDOORS: Finally, the great outdoors is truly that - great. Being in nature can give your mind clarity and it literally grounds you in a way that our busy spirits crave. Even if it is just for a ten minute walk before the early sunset, taking that time will leave you feeling at ease and more connected to the world around you and less connected to your to do list.

We hope you found these tips useful! Let us know which one works best for you and if you have your own strategies to help improve your mental wellness this holiday season!



Ashlyn Hart is a teacher in the Greater Boston School District and a key member of SherpasCo. design, customer relations, and social impact team! She currently holds a bachelors in English and Elementary Education from Easter Connecticut State University and is an active digital content creator that addresses teacher's burnout (IG: aisforashlyn). Ashlyn is currently enrolled at Boston College for Education Policy and Leadership.

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