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100% Organic Pure Maple Syrup (8.5 Oz)

100% Organic Pure Maple Syrup (8.5 Oz)

SKU: SYR-011
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Sherpas Company 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup in reusable 8.5 Oz leaf-shaped bottle while sporting tiny Santa Hat and Scarf! Limited Golden Edition (see bottle wrapper) for the holidays and every other day of the year!


Pure: product comes directly from sugar maple tress of Vermont, not cornfield. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.

Organic: no mineral components from maple sap are removed during sap processing and no accelerants are used to expedite syrup production. 

Syrup: the ratio to make syrup from maple tree sap is  an average 40:1. In other words, it takes 40 liters of maple sap to distill and turn into one liter of pure maple syrup. 



  •     One (01) 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup Bottle (with golden cap and Sherpa's Quality Seal). 
  •     One (01) bottle-size santa hat.
  •     One (01) bottle-size scarf.
  •     One (01) Gift Note Card.

    Sherpas Company - Ayla's Selective Foods provides uncompromising pure maple syrup!

    • GRADE A (uniform in color, tast normally associated with with color class, from objectionable odors and off-flaovrs, free from turbidity and sidement).
    • Organic (no minemal components of sap are removed during sap processing and no accelerants are used to expedite dilution). 
    • Pure Maple (produced exclusively by the concentraion of maple sap or by the solution or dilution of a mpale porduct other than maple sap in poltable water).
    • Color: Amber
    • Taste: Rich

    NOTE: SherpasCo. Organic Maple Syrup is graded and guaranteed under United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Standard and Best Practices released on March 2, 2015.


    See SherpasCo Terms & Conditions on food products here


    UPS or FedEx and limited to the contiguous United States at this time.

  • Uses

    • Coffee/Tea Sweetner.
    • Cocktails
    • Over cereal, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, or pudding
    • Natural sweetner that can be applied on every other foods
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